The human body is a machine, it is more powerful when the train will go farther. But I weighed that, after a day of sport, the body is tired and weak, even that has been trained always needs recovery time to return to what it was, regain energy reserves, hydrate, repair parts very punished...

That is inevitable, and is part of the greatness of the sport, that after each effort the body becomes stronger , adapting and improving its performance. But that recovery need not be long and expensive, there are ways to ease the body recovery to not spend too much time on low hours.

While we rest our body is doing its task of retrieving and synthesizing new energy and hydrate again. propolis has properties that help catalyze these important processes and thus achieve much faster recovery, effective and easy for the body, ie recovery easier less wear to achieve .

It not only helps to recover after sport, also acts as you practice, therefore, if you take propolis before playing sports body will benefit from beginning a recovery properties while the effort is being practiced, so then, after resting our bodies will already have a good recovery of the workdone!.

Thanks to propolis increases the number of white blood cleaning RESPA organisms (bacteria, viruses, free radicals, ...)

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Nacrófagos also increase, which are responsible remove residual white blood cells:

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Take propolis, as you see can be a great help.

Antioxidants: Our body produces free radicals product of cellular oxidation, these radicals are not normally harmful, why promote the immune system. But like everything in perspective! During strenuous activity, stress, or because they generate more pollution than normal, this can cause many problems and disorders such as degenerative diseases. Luckily a healthy body has ways to control them, so do not be afraid! But still always good to facilitate and help our body to maintain control. There are substances that have antioxidant properties, and propolis is one of them! and there are most effective. Therefore, after sport, when our body is punished and stressed, have more free radicals than normal. Help you control sooner is very beneficial. And as we take propolis before practicing physical activity can regulate radicals as they occur, thus you are never too high. And if we take it as beneficial propolis before and after sport, as well as is so good for our bodies imagine under such extreme conditions as it can be normal for the day.

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