Beekeeper Bee-winner

Biography of a real case of the importance of the products offered by nature.

Following a road accident, Samuel fell into a deep depression because of medical diagnoses. His future was to stay in a wheelchair, or with luck and effort right foot always limp, would also have to apaliar the severe pain with painkillers. With 30 years and a family Samuel wanted a better future and became interested in natural medicine, to see if he could do more for his life... " life changed completely because of a serious injury, an accident like so many that happen every day. Imagine how it suits the body, after seven operations and perpetual injuries, with the need to take medication daily in order to survive the pain. My body and mind were impaired. I started looking for a natural solution and it did not damage my body more and found an antibiotic, antiviral, antibacterial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory... the most natural and scientifically proven many properties:


In Greek translates to " defend the city ". The city is our body, a large set of cells that have to be strong and happy and that drugs are depressed. I experienced a great recovery and decided to study this wonderful product provided to us by Mother Nature, and so beneficial to man and used it previously and the Egyptians. Propolis is composed of resin trees and plants, and bees use it as a defense. With plug cracks propolis from the hive to not strain or bacteria. Why is it so effective? Because the resins of trees and plants genetically mutate every year for bacteria and viruses that affect them are not immune to the following year if it were not so there would be trees and plants on the planet. One of his great powers is related in cases of asthma by opening airways and give more lung capacity. It also has lots of phenols and polyphenols, antioxidants that our bodies need to prevent cellular aging and speed recovery after a big effort, so it is very suitable for a diet of an athlete or an elite sport.
It has great results in cases of flu, colds, sore throats... everything related to the respiratory system. Do not resist almost any harmful bacteria so can also be used in bacterial infections anywhere in the body. Antiviral for cases of virus infections, herpes of all types, and in cases of chickenpox recovery is much faster.
Knowing all this about propolis, I decided I had to produce my own propolis and do the best and purest possible for it to be as effective as possible and not have the need to be taking other less natural, with worse results for the body. I have helped many people advising them to take natural products to be healthy. Today, what I've seen in the heart of a beehive, is the result of group work perfectly timed and beneficial for nature and us.
And I must say that I now practice the sport, an activity that the doctors told me she would never do... "

Samuel Branch , No. Beekeeper : 267B05951 Castellar del Vallès (Barcelona )