The exciting world of BEES

Even though everybody seems to know them, their importance in our lives is not always appreciated. These small and hard-working insects are partly responsible our ecosystem. So that, we human beings do depend on them, much more than we can image.
There is lately a great deal of talk about the sensitivity of bees towards pollution and the alteration of the environment, which makes them endangered species. There is a widespread concern among society (which we hope it won’t get any further) caused by the belief that in 4 years, a large proportion of population of human beings will diminish, but also a large number of species.
This could seem to be an exaggeration, among many of them, but it is for sure and real that honeybees play one of the most important roles in our ecosystem in the whole world. Their main role is to help most of the plants to reproduce, by pollinating them, and plants are the primary producers of the food chain.
If plants disappear, it may spell hunger in each step of the food production chain, and maybe in the long run, there will be nothing left to eat.

Bees are a very precious good.

But, how did the whole world turn out to be so dependent on the bees?
Before the appearance of the bees, there were already similar insects, but without doing the same function as bees did. During the Cretaceous period, the pollination of flowering plants was made by the wind. In this process, all flowering plants- just like some of them even do it nowadays- spread their pollen into the air (by the way, not specially suitable for allergic people, indeed!). By spreading clouds of pollen into the air, plants consume a great deal of energy to reproduce, by generating considerably large amounts of pollen, even without any guarantee at all, that this pollen will finally reach a partner-plant.

The insects that ate pollen to feed themselves, such as flies and beetles, did already some pollination process, by soaking up pollen while eating and then bringing them to other plants, when they ate from that plant. This is how pollination started years ago, thanks to insects, but it all happened by chance! This kind of pollination, due to its casual factor and somewhat inefficient method, remained to be an anecdote…until the ancestors of bees did appear!

Bees’ ancestors had some special characteristics, which enabled the accidental pollination made by some insects to become more efficient. Honeybees are pollen collectors, and therefore they do not jump from one flower to another when hungry, but their main function in life is to pollinate as many plants as possible. Therefore, the efficiency of pollination became a fact. Plants realized it, and started to generate less pollen, since it was not necessary to waste so many energy and time to produce pollen, because bees had already taken over this task.
Little by little, plants wanted to improve that big step forward, by developing some “tricks” to draw the attention of bees. As time passed by, plants became more colorful, and their juice sweeter in order to attract the greediest honeybees. Meanwhile, honeybees have improved their skills and physical features to be more efficient while working.
The result of all of this is the fact that plants cannot live without bees anymore, since they have already adapted themselves so much to the bees, that if honeybees may disappear, plants won’t have enough time to react and overcome the loss and will die out.
Without plants, the extinction of all species could be lethal.

Honeybees, our best friends.

The wonderful honeybees… (So cute indeed!) produce a large amount of health benefits for us. Among them, we find the famous honeybee, the royal jelly, bee wax, and bee propolis. Each of these products provides us many valuable and beneficial properties for everybody.

Honeybee and royal jelly are probably the most popular everyday products. These substances are energetic and nutritive and they are used even by the bees to feed themselves. Not only they are beneficial for them, but also for human beings due to their stimulating, therapeutic and preservative properties.

Propolis is maybe the less popular and known product, but the most interesting one. This resin is collected by bees from trees and plants, and therefore bees get a powerful drug for themselves. Propolis is an antibacterial, antiviral agent and has healing benefits, and many others we could take advantage of to improve our lifestyle and our health.
This web site is dedicated to this amazing substance, and we would like to let you know the importance of propolis for all of us. Find out why propolis is such a precious good! You won`t regret it!!

We quote the words said by Einstein referred to bees:
"“If the bee disappeared off the face of the earth, man would only have four years left to live.”

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