Propolis has magnificent antibacterial, antiviral, wound-healing, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-histamine properties, and many more which will be seen right now. It is obvious that propolis can prove extremely useful for human beings and for honeybees themselves indeed!
Propolis works really well at preventing diseases and at strengthening the body against the constant and daily damage we suffer from. It is a great healer… but please remember not to forget the doctor’s advice!!
Propolis is a nutritional supplement, but we would like to make it clear, that we always do have to follow the doctor’s advices. Nowadays there are many doctors who prescribe PROPOLIS for early recovery from many diseases.

What exactly is Bee Propolis?

Propolis is a wide range of substances made by honeybees obtained from the leaf buds of trees and other plants. Honeybees collect this substance and, by means of their salivary excretions, they cover the beehive in order to fight against any bacterial, virus or fungi that could get inside the hive.
During certain months of the year, when temperatures are above 18º C, honeybees have other duties, besides pollen and nectar collection, such as the search of the ingredients to produce bee propolis. When honeybees find the suitable resin, they break it in small pieces in order to be carried to their hive.
This process can last some hours. All honeybees together do mix up the resin with waxes and their own saliva to generate this tough substance. Honeybees will ingest propolis to fight diseases but also as a wound-healer.

Chemical composition of propolis

Up to 160 substances can be counted in!
Flavones and isoflavones (coloured compounds with strong antiseptic action and inmunoestimulant properties), resins, balsams, bee wax, bee pollen, minerals such as aluminum and silver (powerful antibacterial), barium, boron, cobalt, chromium, iron and tin. Provitamin A and B group vitamins, such as B3 (nicotinamide) and lactones, coumarines, phenolic triglycerides, amino acids and polisacarides (sugar) are to be found.
What is a Phenol?
Phenols are chemical compounds with interesting properties and health benefits for our body (if consumed in moderate amounts!). Among the most significant properties of phenols, we find that they act as antiseptic and antimicrobial agents, thus they disinfect and prevent infections. They also have anesthetic properties, and therefore they can relieve the pain. Bee propolis is rich in phenolic compounds.

Analysis Bee-winner

Effectiveness sick

There are a wide range of products on the market containing propolis, but most of them have low concentration of this substance, since propolis it appears to be very dilute and watery, probably for economic reasons. Therefore, these products have a low efficacy for what propolis can offer, since the percentage of propolis is weak.
Bee-winner works differently and has an added value. Bee-winner has developed a highly efficient product, which uses a high concentration of natural and pure propolis. In order to guarantee our customers the best quality of our bee propolis, the product is elaborated in less than 48 hours from its extraction from the bee hives to avoid the loss of essential and valuable oils.
Propolis has important health beneficial functions, such as strengthening the body’s immune system, as well as the stimulation of our body in many positive senses. Additionally it is not only used to heal diseases, but also while healing the body, it improves and helps the body to be recovered.
One of the most outstanding and beneficial properties is to empower the body’s ability to clean itself, by increasing the number of white blood cells (WBC), red blood cells (RBC) and macrophages of blood.
Macrophages are involved in the removal of the daily dirt accumulated in our blood, which prevent us from infectious diseases and makes us healthier.

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